I thought it a pretty neat idea to take some well done research on the definition for organizational innovation (OI), of which, 40 articles were cited.

This word cloud contains the top 60 words found with the those definitions:

OrgInnovation word_cloud (pdf)

The immediate thing you will see are the most used words within those definitions. Look at the largest of them and we can plainly see that within the definition of ‘organizational innovation’ are the words:

action, spontaneous, execution, process, composition, novel, planning, change, improvisation, emergent and so on.

With a bit of analysis action + spontaneity brings out the interesting characteristics of planning and execution.

Take a bit of time out to scan your documents or presentations into a word cloud generator and find what you are communicating most often in relation to your message. You may be surprised at what pops out for you and your team.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.28.25 AM Word Cloud

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