TIHCWhat is TEA? It is a quick reference I created to keep people within a mind-body integrative capacity.

Thought – the initial inspiration. Keep the original thought as the groundwork for what needs to be supported. The thinking that initiated the idea into a communicable concept is valuable.

Emotion – How does the thought feel to you? Fearful? Insecure? Be sure other thoughts based on habits of poor thinking are not overcoming the original thought. Again, How does this one thought feel to you? What does it look like in Action?

Action – This is the momentum your body generates to move the thought from mind to brain to body. This requires proper motor coordination and a healthy mind and body. The emotion is the driver that makes this happen. Ensure the work has been done to pinpoint the positive emotion emanating from the thought that drives the body.

It is possible to use a vision from the original thinking process to fuel the positive emotions. One of the reasons we pursue our dreams is that thinking about them makes us feel good. Here is the thought-emotion link which happens every day but seldom are we aware of it. It mostly happens when we are advertised to with images that illicit a thought with an emotional response.

So this is TEA. Do it every time you want to make a positive change in your work or life. Try using journals, a signature music track list, a morning routine, anything that primes and is relatable to the good thoughts for a positive emotion trigger that converts into a physical action resulting in a change. You will see change in your relationships and life.

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