Developing a sustainable societyEthiopia is currently the number one growing economy in the world yet must achieve sustainable development to enjoy productivity. Debt and pollution are potential deterrents to growing into a healthy educated population and sustaining economy.

Community development in collaboration with higher education and skills training will bring language and abilities to engage with the latest innovations and tools in a globalised society.

The goals for Ethiopia in 2016-2017 include:

  • Developing an english language training program.
  • Applying a sustainable development curriculum
  • Bringing partners, funding and networks together for an innovation center in Addis.

Through this we want to educate and combat climate change and raise the potential for water and food development at a self-sustaining level.

The approach with be participatory in nature, observe tradition and culture and incorporate recognition of diversity, gender and education needs and support youth and elders in the community interest.

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