We often can suffer from status chase fatigue in the workplace and life. If we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people, witnessing their success, never seeing their failing, we have a skewed perspective of our place in the world leading to all kinds of mental stress. We often need a realignment and a ‘back to basics’ of self identity and meaning. In other words, see what you have right now and be appreciative and the happiness will come.

If one really wants happiness then one needs to stop thinking that when one achieves a certain point or thing that happiness will come. That is non sense. To make life work – develop emotional control using your strengths and feelings. That is, the power of visualization and evoking the feeling of happiness comes first then the results of altering behaviour on the new world view come. Practice and notice the results – this will reinforce the right neural activity to get the true results you want.

Have a look and listen to Jim Carrey and let it sink in to grasp what I am writing to you. Enjoy!

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