Organizations need a presence on the web – no doubt about it. More than that, a web page cannot just sit in space hoping for others to find it. A business must push the service or product into the eyes of other web users. Marketing is about people finding you and finding out about you and it will take some search engine optimization and target marketing to make the magic happen. My three ‘P’s for success –

My three ‘P’s for success – Persistence, pervasiveness and permeability.


Once you develop your social media accounts, you can post your content to make it accessible. Stay afloat and relevant by relisting, retweeting and reposting. You can use older posts and add newer hashtags or change the title to reflect the latest memes. Scheduled postings are often done by programs and services that promise to post and track your content for you.


Leverage the networks to create a positive feedback loop for your readers. Be a presence within your network(s) and let them know you are active, aware, and looking out for them. Use your potential client’s language. Through analysis, you can discover your social return on investment (ROI) and find what angles of network coverage are working and which ones are not.

Let’s face it – it is all about getting eyeballs on you. Ask this question – Is your content and image relevant enough to capture your networks? Should you change focus or expand your network?  With so much vanilla coating on every newsletter and tweet, having to carve out a niche and leverage the niche is a must.

Ensure you have the technical literacy or hire someone who does.


Although being pervasive gets you everywhere, getting you sales requires getting to your potential clients. There are good programs and apps to manage your content and marketing. Social media must, by design, be social. However, there is still competition to be social and thus, platforms like Twitter and Facebook compete for your eyeballs. To penetrate your market, research and find where to target best your dollars for eyeballs that belong to you. Look at what other successful campaigns do and which one’s you notice and why. How are they getting through to you to communicate their message?

The three Ps are basic yet easy to remember. You may also want to consider finding communities, a way to manage your reputation online and how much you budget for your campaign.

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