Christopher Caldwell & Sean McKeown – delivered February, 2016

Globalization, ease of communication, media and travel has created collisions between cultures, ideologies and ideas. Leadership theories suggest there are certain traits required to be effective at leadership and we need leadership to be progressive in our challenges.

We suggest that these traits are mutable and only necessary at certain times and in situations; that new behaviours can be learned that enhance leadership. Western leadership has been driven, analysed and influenced by scientific management and now Eastern values such as mindfulness are influencing development. We ask why is this so?

With many issues in business, environment, health, education and inequality, good leadership in
all these areas is necessary. In essence, we are looking for leaders who may follow the servant
leadership model or the transformational model because of the thinking or altruistic traits in
those leadership types. Mindfulness appears to allow these traits to emerge.

Even Google is doing it!

So What is mindfulness? For more, click on the attached link to the PDF.

Mindfulness and Leadership Workshop download the paper

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