“To know where we are going we have to look to where we have been.”

Christopher Caldwell and Russell Peters

Christopher Caldwell and Russell Peters

I have been very fortunate to meet some great people and do some very interesting things and appreciate all of it. Experience helps us grow and learn. Travel and learning about cultures around the globe is one of my favorite activities. It feel it brings new perspective to one’s own life and expands the mind.

We need two points of reflection to guide ourselves and the people who rely on us. Looking back and seeing the pivotal moments builds wisdom, looking forward and visualizing brings strategy and innovation to the present moment. I often ask others to do a self-reflection exercise to ‘reset’ their internal guidance systems.

Over the years I gathered quite a bit of know-how on information handling and communicating . It all started in my sprouting years in marketing and the need to find someone who could run queries on their databases. I volunteered! I learned on the fly with book in hand and a keen interest in computing. I realized I had a gift for problem solving and learning and exploiting technology to assist teams and make more informed and intelligent decisions. This became my main source of employ over the next few years.

I later continued in my own consultancy, gradually progressing over time. building people skills, and gaining experience with enterprise systems and programming in SQL, Basic and some other languages. I found my niche in working between tech teams, systems and upper management and executives by providing services to find and gather the right information for decision making on a regular basis – basically dashboards and snapshots, just in a really presentable way for meetings and discussions. I really enjoy finding out how to make progress and designing the presentation to work with a person or group to make it happen.

I also took to writing articles for blogs and newspapers and assisted with development of reporting systems and intelligence gathering for multiple organizations along the way.

My interest for writing and research left me yearning for higher education. Even though I am typed as an ‘innovator’ I wanted to learn on a critical thinking level how to improve things in a big way.

I returned to University in 2005, seeking a Bachelors in Environmental Studies as my curiosity in sustainability had been aroused to improve social responsibility in the places I had worked. After a year and a half of education and straight A+s, a national award for research on ‘Human Impacts on the Environment’, I accepted an endorsement for entry into the Masters program. I accepted an entrance scholarship and pursued urban planning along with a business diploma from Schulich in ‘Business and Environment’. My thesis paper can be seen here on iTunes. I graduated in 2009 from York University. Soon after graduation, I authored my book ‘Beyond Corporate Responsibility: The New Organizational Consciousness‘ and released it in 2012, available both at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I continue to write and learn using the most modern methods possible.

Having always been attracted to learning and realizing the importance of reaching others in their own work, I have returned to complete a Masters in Adult Education at the University of Toronto and will graduate in 2017.

Personal Development

Christopher Caldwell finds a dinosaur bone in Quebec

Christopher Caldwell finds a dinosaur bone while out in the middle of Quebec wilderness.

Although formal education yields opportunities in the workforce, I did some personal development work that was extremely rewarding. I attended the Second City improvisational classes and graduated after a year and a half of one of the best team building exercise I had ever experienced. Highly recommend it! The growth was tremendous and my communication skills were greatly enhanced.

As an expert problem solver and a knack for seeing patterns and systems, I was accepted into MENSA. Doing the exercises and then the exam has a different kind of preparation than a formal academic exam. It requires quick thinking and ability to grasp concepts on the fly. Looking back I can see why I excelled in information and communications.

I also believe in work-life balance and maintaining hobbies and interests. When I am not motorcycle touring, I am writing music, or hiking in the wilderness or reading about the latest in psychology and philosophy – love to discover human potential in organizations and in personal leadership. I have a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate (TEFL), I am a certified rescue diver from PADI, wilderness first aid certified and offer nature leadership retreats and adult camping on my 25 acres in Haliburton.

My recent and current projects include:

  • Wilderness leadership retreats in Haliburton, Ontario
  • Media recording, audio and video – soon to be released Album
  • Learning about alternative and passive building designs
  • Writing and completion of my next series of publications
  • Travel and sustainable community development

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