I’m having more and more interest from people in discussing consciousness, awareness and leadership. It is absolutely essential that a leader be educated in self-awareness and understand their relationship to others and the environment, otherwise one is leading from tunnel vision and not an all-encompassing view. How we see the world must be a point of our own self-inspection. Think ‘double-loop’ learning.

We are socialized into believing our separation from everything. We are taught heaven and hell, darkness and light and left and right politics – all examples of duality. If we persist and buy into this thinking we will remain under the illusion of separateness. This leads to stress, anxiety, poor relationships and a myriad of other social ills. Job dissatisfaction is usually a result of feeling alienated form one’s team and one’s work. Thinking in separateness begins when we are out of balance with our true nature.

When we are taught that there is an ‘us’ and a ‘them’ and someone implants an idea that ‘they’ might win we lose balance. We start to fear that we will lose something and that ‘we’ must win. From this perspective there is no leadership, simply a reaction dressed up with bells, whistles, strategy, budget, planning and lots of people running in a hurry to produce resources to facilitate that reaction. And thus we have religious wars, racism, inequality and pollution. All symptoms of imbalance.

The tunnel vision creating ignorance must be separated out from what it means to lead. Often the word ‘competition’ is used in a healthy connotation. This implies ‘winning’ – but winning what? What is the prize? All leaders will eventually be seen as being self-interested or will elevate into a true position of leadership requiring a new consciousness. Leaders must define the prize as a journey with an inclusive vision. There is no end goal, just steps to what we hope will be a better future.

Organizations, teams and communities are no different in their needs. Resources, people, talent, skills, motivation and direction are all needed to succeed. Sometimes we have to re-define what success is particularly when we are facing economic, social and environmental challenges. I explain more about this in both my books. Ask yourself, what kind of leader do you want to be?

Leadership can be as simple as taking charge of one’w own life or leading a community to a better place. The spirit and mental and emotional investments are the same. I offer one-on-one coaching and organizational leadership change workshops to assist in gaining clarity and initiative for moving in the right direction.




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