As a workplace educator, it’s not enough to know the principles of adult learning. Some topics are mandatory and well needed to improve the workplace. In my case, I have been delivering a series of presentations and exercises on Workplace Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policy. This is a challenging and interesting topic that requires reaching people in a new way to open the mind to behaviour awareness.

A few key points to ensure proactive and positive behaviour change:

  • Engage the participants critical thinking skills
  • Develop empathy through trust and relatable stories
  • Open the discussion and moderate for a diversity of views
  • Encourage the staff to practice what they have learned
  • Get feedback – this is valuable for fine tuning the delivery of information and adjusting the exercises

I developed workplace culture and perceptual exercises that worked extremely well to get people to see their are alternative viewpoints to their own and both are correct. The self awareness exercises allowed for inspection of long entrenched habits and beliefs that might be holding them back from appreciating what taking a new perspective could do for their own happiness and we’ll being.

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