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Christopher Caldwell is an author and educator in organizational sustainability, leadership and change.

Travel, memories and conscious shifts

I am often taken back to times of travel and special moments when browsing my gallery of photos. Travel us not the end goal but a process, a rite of passage experienced as a maturing and ability to self-reflect. I will take time out to share some of my moments in my blog and hope [...]

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Presentation Slides: A Primer for Your Social Responsibility Project

Social responsibility (SR) is an organization’s promise to educate itself and engineer new processes to the benefit of shareholders, stakeholders and ecological integrity. There are many definitions to corporate social responsibility. Let’s take a look at a few of these and find the common denominator: Beyond Corporate Responsibility presentation (Powerpoint PPTX)  

Discussing Food Security with a Community Development Group

Here I am being interviewed about sustainable community development and food. It was filmed a few years ago. There are three spots in the clip where I appear  - the first at 1:54. I remember having fun that day and meeting some great people working for the local NGOs and community. Really well done! Fresh [...]

Move to ‘Publicization’ of Private Assets becoming a Sustainable Community Initiative

The argument that public assets were always poorly managed because of the lack of market motivation is not really the case. Bureaucracy has a certain stagnation and thus lacks quick innovation and adaptability but it has a tenacious stability. This is an organizational development issue and has political and personal motivation and security factors attached [...]

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Why Sustainable Communities are the Next Open Source Revolution

Dependency on systems that are exhaustible, inequitable and oppressive are hindering human development. We are currently using more resources than our planet provides which means not just people, but animals and plants – everything living has less to work with. Further, we throw our toxic waste into spaces that contaminate ecosystems, creating even more degradation. [...]

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The Graduate Student Research Conference 2017, April 7-8, University of Toronto

As Chair of the 2017 Graduate Student Research Conference, I would like to thank each and every participant for contributing their work and time to present their findings. This year we had 114 participants. Next year we are starting with an exciting new format that should bring more people from the community. I would [...]

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Defining Sustainability for Strategy

Sustainability is now the most important and ambiguous term in policy making. Most organizations and governments are simply reacting to crisis instead of developing resilience. Resilience is adaptation. Human impacts on the environment have a profound and systemic effect from human health to ecosystem services. What must be listed, examined and engineered are the human [...]