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Christopher Caldwell is an adviser, author and educator in organizational sustainability, leadership and change.

Workplace Change, Re-skilling and Re-education: Why We Chase the Carrot in Technology

Why is it that with so much wealth being generated, so much technological advances that people must work harder for less result in their economic and social lives? The promise of technology was/is to reduce the burden in our own lives and free us from the constraints of time and space. Good and plentiful food, [...]

Conversational Intelligence – Why we need to practice the art of the conversation

Thanks to Melissa Hartley for the presentation to the Toronto Organizational Development Network. Having a good or more importantly the 'right' conversation can make or break a relationship. Our power stems from the word we use and others perceive us by how we engage them. For instance, criticism triggers cortisol which stays in the body [...]

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Impacts of the Internet on Business Strategy

The impact on business from the internet has occurred through three types of strategies: 1.     Enhancing existing business models and operations, whether back office function, supply chain or direct sales operations. 2.     Create new products or services in traditional businesses. Selling books is nothing new but Amazon took to a new digital level. Ebay too, [...]

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The Economy is about to Change – in a BIG way – here comes the Blockchain

Have you heard of the blockchain? Chances are you have not and you should. This technology is likely to have the greatest impact on the future of technology. It is the underlying technology of currencies like the Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an asset and can be speculated upon, it is a crytocurrency and not a fiat [...]

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The Knowledge Economy: Trends and Impacts

The knowledge economy is quickly becoming 'the' market in tandem with the growth of technology and urbanization. The transition is occurring as we shift value systems from pure resources to the information to be innovative and resourceful. "Newly released, our study, Canada’s Urban Competitive Agenda: Completing The Transition From Resources To A Knowledge Economy, shows [...]

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Chris is hosting the Academic Planning Session at OISE Thursday Feb 9

Join OISE University of Toronto students this Thursday February 9th from 5-7pm in the Nexus Lounge for Town Hall #4: Engaging with a Varied and Diverse Urban Context This is the last in a series of Student Town Hall sessions facilitated by students-for-students and coordinated by the OISE Graduate Student Association. These sessions are intended [...]

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Technology, design and benefits of use – are we making progress?

Technology as a definition has been around since we studied mammals use of tools in the environment - something becomes a technology if it affords a use. Typically, good design indicates the use of technology such as a button or a type of interface. Sometimes affordances are undiscovered and innovative thinking can yield additional use [...]

Developing Trust in Virtual Work Environments – The New Decentralized Workplace

Internet and communications technology (ICT) has revolutionized reporting structures, in particular in globalized and regionalized organizations where time and space constraints are a challenge.  Cooperation is now achieved in the digital realm via the internet, resulting in a decentralized, flatter organizational team structure. Surveys suggest that at least two-thirds of the workforce partake in some [...]

Do We Determine Technology or Does Technology Determine Us? A Dystopic view of Utopia

Technological determinism is a theory about how tech influences our lives. Basically, does tech determine how we live or do we shape tech? This has implications for workplace learning and training. Theory informs practice and practice ratifies theory, thus, we must set out intentions correctly when employing technology and ask if it is ultimately for [...]

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Technology and Work – Re-imagining Work Shifts in the Digital Revolution – RSA Animate

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G11t6XAIce0 A different culture of collaboration in technology is happening today that is completely inverted to typical organizational culture in that sharing in technology is open with some information kept private, while in organizations, most information is private until it is decided to become open. Our working lives have become outdated and productivity is [...]