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Christopher Caldwell is an adviser, author and educator in organizational sustainability, leadership and change.

Ethiopia – Skills and Education

Ethiopia is currently the number one growing economy in the world yet must achieve sustainable development to enjoy productivity. Debt and pollution are potential deterrents to growing into a healthy educated population and sustaining economy. Community development in collaboration with higher education and skills training will bring language and abilities to engage with the latest [...]

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The Role of Innovation in Battling Climate Change

Experts at a recent University of Maryland event said innovation will play a key yet unpredictable role as the United States moves toward meeting the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement on climate change, namely keeping the global temperature rise to significantly below 2 degrees Celsius. Current projections about slowing climate change may be [...]

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What a Word Cloud for Researched Organizational Innovation Definitions Looks Like – Pretty Cool Graphic

I thought it a pretty neat idea to take some well done research on the definition for organizational innovation (OI), of which, 40 articles were cited. This word cloud contains the top 60 words found with the those definitions: OrgInnovation word_cloud (pdf) The immediate thing you will see are the most used words within those [...]

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