Presentation Slides: A Primer for Your Social Responsibility Project

Social responsibility (SR) is an organization’s promise to educate itself and engineer new processes to the benefit of shareholders, stakeholders and ecological integrity. There are many definitions to corporate social responsibility. Let’s take a look at a few of these and find the common denominator: Beyond Corporate Responsibility presentation (Powerpoint PPTX)  

Defining Sustainability for Strategy

Sustainability is now the most important and ambiguous term in policy making. Most organizations and governments are simply reacting to crisis instead of developing resilience. Resilience is adaptation. Human impacts on the environment have a profound and systemic effect from human health to ecosystem services. What must be listed, examined and engineered are the human [...]

The Changing Workforce and Leveraging Technology

For better and worse, technology is here. I'm not talking about your remote control, but something much more integrated, seemless and covert. Technology is changing the way we work and work itself. On one hand it is replacing mundane activities that humans might toil over and can better use their time to develop skills and [...]