Presentation Slides: A Primer for Your Social Responsibility Project

Social responsibility (SR) is an organization’s promise to educate itself and engineer new processes to the benefit of shareholders, stakeholders and ecological integrity. There are many definitions to corporate social responsibility. Let’s take a look at a few of these and find the common denominator: Beyond Corporate Responsibility presentation (Powerpoint PPTX)  

Modifiable Open Learning Using Technology – Coming Together Online

Mike Caulfield makes sense. Professor and courseware designer comments...If we all have the same competencies and needs around learning, such as curiosity, social belonging, personal advancement, then we can all be part of creating the best possible learning outcome that meets those same needs. Let's build our own education together. In fact, having a sense of [...]

Mindfulness and Leadership – Workshop delivered 2016

Introduction Christopher Caldwell & Sean McKeown - delivered February, 2016 Globalization, ease of communication, media and travel has created collisions between cultures, ideologies and ideas. Leadership theories suggest there are certain traits required to be effective at leadership and we need leadership to be progressive in our challenges. We suggest that these traits are mutable [...]

Workplace Change, Re-skilling and Re-education: Why We Chase the Carrot in Technology

Why is it that with so much wealth being generated, so much technological advances that people must work harder for less result in their economic and social lives? The promise of technology was/is to reduce the burden in our own lives and free us from the constraints of time and space. Good and plentiful food, [...]

Conversational Intelligence – Why we need to practice the art of the conversation

Thanks to Melissa Hartley for the presentation to the Toronto Organizational Development Network. Having a good or more importantly the 'right' conversation can make or break a relationship. Our power stems from the word we use and others perceive us by how we engage them. For instance, criticism triggers cortisol which stays in the body [...]

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Developing Trust in Virtual Work Environments – The New Decentralized Workplace

Internet and communications technology (ICT) has revolutionized reporting structures, in particular in globalized and regionalized organizations where time and space constraints are a challenge.  Cooperation is now achieved in the digital realm via the internet, resulting in a decentralized, flatter organizational team structure. Surveys suggest that at least two-thirds of the workforce partake in some [...]

Technology and Work – Re-imagining Work Shifts in the Digital Revolution – RSA Animate A different culture of collaboration in technology is happening today that is completely inverted to typical organizational culture in that sharing in technology is open with some information kept private, while in organizations, most information is private until it is decided to become open. Our working lives have become outdated and productivity is [...]

Using ADDIE or PADIS for an Instructional Design Approach

When figuring out how your clients will best be served by your instruction, the learning effectiveness will be thought out, delivered and assessed through a cycle, much like Deming (Plan, Do, Check, Act) except in instructional design, it is more specialized. ADDIE stands for Analyses, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. PADIS stands for Planning, Analysis, [...]

What is Change Management?

Change is the only constant. All organizations need to change to survive. Change is not easy. It is not about personal change which is more about psychology and leadership or creating something new such as innovation. This is about existing organizations and their environment and the relationship with the two. Organizational change is about permanently [...]

Jim Carrey delivers a dose of PERSPECTIVE during the Golden Globe Awards

We often can suffer from status chase fatigue in the workplace and life. If we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people, witnessing their success, never seeing their failing, we have a skewed perspective of our place in the world leading to all kinds of mental stress. We often need a realignment and a 'back [...]