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The Changing Workforce and Leveraging Technology

For better and worse, technology is here. I'm not talking about your remote control, but something much more integrated, seemless and covert. Technology is changing the way we work and work itself. On one hand it is replacing mundane activities that humans might toil over and can better use their time to develop skills and [...]

China sits on financial house of cards – OECD

China sits on financial house of cards - OECD https://www.rt.com/business/381608-china-economy-financial-risks/ “After decades of breath-taking expansion, the focus should be on making growth more resilient, sustainable and inclusive, and addressing risks to stability,” said OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria. “Soaring property prices in the largest cities and leveraged investment in asset markets magnify vulnerability and the risk of [...]

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Modifiable Open Learning Using Technology – Coming Together Online

Mike Caulfield makes sense. Professor and courseware designer comments...If we all have the same competencies and needs around learning, such as curiosity, social belonging, personal advancement, then we can all be part of creating the best possible learning outcome that meets those same needs. Let's build our own education together. In fact, having a sense of [...]

Ready for Mobile Online Learning. Can Six Billion Cell Phones be Wrong?

In 2007, the iPhone appeared and changed everything. The Android phones quickly followed and thus was born - the 'smart' phone. In 2017, it is projected that almost 3 billion people will have a smart phone. With smart phones having full OS, they have access to everything from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media is [...]

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Mindfulness and Leadership – Workshop delivered 2016

Introduction Christopher Caldwell & Sean McKeown - delivered February, 2016 Globalization, ease of communication, media and travel has created collisions between cultures, ideologies and ideas. Leadership theories suggest there are certain traits required to be effective at leadership and we need leadership to be progressive in our challenges. We suggest that these traits are mutable [...]

The IMF’s Work on Inequality: Bridging Research and Reality | iMFdirect – The IMF Blog

By Prakash Loungani and Jonathan D. Ostry Over the past three decades, income inequality has gone up in most advanced economies and in many developing ones as well. Why? Much of the research on ine… Source: The IMF’s Work on Inequality: Bridging Research and Reality | iMFdirect - The IMF Blog

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Workplace Change, Re-skilling and Re-education: Why We Chase the Carrot in Technology

Why is it that with so much wealth being generated, so much technological advances that people must work harder for less result in their economic and social lives? The promise of technology was/is to reduce the burden in our own lives and free us from the constraints of time and space. Good and plentiful food, [...]

Conversational Intelligence – Why we need to practice the art of the conversation

Thanks to Melissa Hartley for the presentation to the Toronto Organizational Development Network. Having a good or more importantly the 'right' conversation can make or break a relationship. Our power stems from the word we use and others perceive us by how we engage them. For instance, criticism triggers cortisol which stays in the body [...]

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The Knowledge Economy: Trends and Impacts

The knowledge economy is quickly becoming 'the' market in tandem with the growth of technology and urbanization. The transition is occurring as we shift value systems from pure resources to the information to be innovative and resourceful. "Newly released, our study, Canada’s Urban Competitive Agenda: Completing The Transition From Resources To A Knowledge Economy, shows [...]

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