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Ready for Mobile Online Learning. Can Six Billion Cell Phones be Wrong?

In 2007, the iPhone appeared and changed everything. The Android phones quickly followed and thus was born - the 'smart' phone. In 2017, it is projected that almost 3 billion people will have a smart phone. With smart phones having full OS, they have access to everything from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media is [...]

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Technology and Education – Where to get free and inexpensive resources

Online resources and education are getting to zero. With so much available on how to fix, shop, make, break, examine, test, compare or network with people, using resources wisely and efficiently becomes an advantage. Technology, learning, and education have become indispensable to organizations who need to remain competitive and innovative. Taking time for an educational [...]

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Using ADDIE or PADIS for an Instructional Design Approach

When figuring out how your clients will best be served by your instruction, the learning effectiveness will be thought out, delivered and assessed through a cycle, much like Deming (Plan, Do, Check, Act) except in instructional design, it is more specialized. ADDIE stands for Analyses, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. PADIS stands for Planning, Analysis, [...]

IAU 15th General Conference November 2016 Bangkok

Higher Education: A catalyst for innovative and sustainable societies In a world marked by deep and rapid change and an urgent need to find solutions to major global challenges in every sector, still too often, many argue that universities are conservative institutions, slow to respond, isolated from communities and society.  IAU argues, and seeks to [...]

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