The Always ON Society – Mobile Technology Disruption on Work and Life

With the advent of the 'smart' phone (and I still stand by my opinion that it is only as smart as the user), the boundary between work and life has blurred and has a sort of permeability that leaks both confines into the other spheres. No longer are these domains separate and no longer can [...]

Mindfulness and Leadership – Workshop delivered 2016

Introduction Christopher Caldwell & Sean McKeown - delivered February, 2016 Globalization, ease of communication, media and travel has created collisions between cultures, ideologies and ideas. Leadership theories suggest there are certain traits required to be effective at leadership and we need leadership to be progressive in our challenges. We suggest that these traits are mutable [...]

What is Change Management?

Change is the only constant. All organizations need to change to survive. Change is not easy. It is not about personal change which is more about psychology and leadership or creating something new such as innovation. This is about existing organizations and their environment and the relationship with the two. Organizational change is about permanently [...]

Jim Carrey delivers a dose of PERSPECTIVE during the Golden Globe Awards

We often can suffer from status chase fatigue in the workplace and life. If we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people, witnessing their success, never seeing their failing, we have a skewed perspective of our place in the world leading to all kinds of mental stress. We often need a realignment and a 'back [...]

How to Develop Focus and Master the Monkey Mind

The Monkey Mind One of the most frustrating things we experience is the rumination of our minds. Problems, stresses, conflicts and worry can take over our ability to create and move forward into something more positive. Mindfulness, or the ability to empty the mind and focus is heart and center of enjoying the moment. There [...]