Written Communications

Over my experience and tenure with many roles from community director to corporate and NGO, I have had the pleasure of working with dynamic teams developing strategy and different forms of media and presentations to improve the local environment.

My own skills include web-based digital productions from video and audio editing and development to slides and branding. Writing and speaking are my strengths, which I combine with my research skills to produce comprehensive and persuasive communications.

This website is one such example of my ability to conceptualize and use media tools to produce content platforms. I have produced a number of other websites over the years using different types of software from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Drupal.

I have written for magazines and local newspapers:

May and June 06 York Region

June 06 Woodbridge

What is in a Street Name?

Public Space May06

January Woodbridge



I have an instinct for getting to know my audience and to drive the point home. Developing the discipline through higher education has also developed a sense of rigour and a level of writing competency that allows me to speak to academics, technicians, and to a broad spectrum of community members.

My passion for writing and influencing progress shows in my work

Presenting is a great skill everyone can have fun in developing whether through a group like Toastmasters or by taking drama classes. I have been fortunate to be trained by Professional Mark Bowden learning non-verbal language and to have attended and graduated from Second City Training Centre.

Public Relations

I have spent a lot of time engaging communities either through education or in activism. To get things done in the public sphere requires getting out there and putting ‘boots on the ground’.

I am pictured with Ellen Schwartzel, Deputy Commissioner of Environment at a High Park Community event discussing the ecology of the park and planning and development in the area. Also in pictures, current Councillor Mary Fragedakis and for Councillor Jane Pitfield. In other pictures, you will see me in a CTV interview and two times with the CBC. I also enjoy mentoring others where possible and thus my involvement with extracurricular activities including:

  • Being selected Chair for the Graduate Student Research Conference in 2017 at the University of Toronto
  • Part of the Academic Planning Committee in 2017, OISE, University of Toronto
  • Selected for the OISE Wellness Committee in 2018, University of Toronto

I also like to be involved with volunteerism and the arts. There is a picture with famed comedian Russell Peters at the Gilda’s Club event.

Being interviewed for the York Region Food Network, a community foundation in York Region Ontario that works towards creating food security and sustainability for the area.

I produce my own social media to bring awareness to social and environmental issues in my own community.

This is a clip showing the huge amount of plastic and waste that is mixed in with the sand at a west end Toronto Beach.

“Managers continuously strive to communicate effectively and influence colleagues to promote their message. Caldwell helps show a way to inspire confidence, win trust and bring a positive message when engaging business and community for social and environmental benefits. Developing your CSR team in ways Caldwell suggests will improve what stakeholders think of your ideas, plans, and improve your entire organization, bringing more respect and credence to you as a leader when you communicate a CSR imperative.” – Fortune 500 Consultant, Speaker and Author ‘Winning Body Language’ & Bestseller ‘Truth and Lies’

Mark Bowden, TruthPlane Inc.

I created and performed the graphic design and research to come together in a poster for the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

In my tenure of three years as a Community Director, I performed community engagement, facilitated meetings, made deputations and gathered feedback in a designed and facilitated analysis, providing valuable insight from all stakeholders.

Beyond Corporate Responsibility – LEADERSHIP EDITION

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“Beyond Corporate Responsibility: The New Organizational Consciousness” challenges managers to go beyond adopting individual practices such as philanthropy to address social and environmental issues. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) requires managers to think beyond the boundaries of their organization. As the world becomes more interconnected and social and environmental challenges increase, society and governments will demand businesses show greater leadership for a sustainable future. Chris Caldwell’s book is a must read for managers who seek to employ CSR as a means to transition their business to a solution-oriented organization whereby employees are engaged to work together to not only increase the wellbeing of the organization but also the wellbeing of the social and environmental ecosystem that feeds it.”

Dr. Irene Henriques - Professor of Sustainability and Economics , Schulich School of Business, York University

Researched and versed on a variety of topics

Biodiversity Urban agriculture & Food security Energy efficiency
Conservation Policy and legislation Green buildings
Health and social justice Corporate Social Responsibility Education and Psychology