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Christopher Caldwell is passionate about supporting positive change and innovation in the areas of organizational learning and development, sustainability, and social responsibility. Chris brings ideas and strategy to information intelligence, team organization and reporting to executive level positions in corporations,  government and not-for-profits.

Chris’ skills include research and information gathering, performance analyses, strategy development, facilitation, adult education, policy development and report writing. He has demonstrated an ability to work effectively with boards, leaders, frontline staff and community members encouraging leadership and team work.

Chris has an exceptional capacity to translate theory and best practice into practical, implementable solutions. His skills and passion for people, potential, social and environmental innovation and familiarity with systems and sustainable development supported a range of projects including a carbon calculator for

Sustainable Urban Development Christopher Caldwell

A Systems Approach to Sustainable Urban Development
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Peel Regional government working with community stakeholders; conducting environmental scans; performing market research, and development of strategy for the reduction of the operational footprint of Canada’s largest employment area around the Greater Toronto Area Airport and also technology transfer to the Indian Business Centre in Hyderabad through a CIDA funded project with the Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement (now BLOOM).

He earned his Masters in Environmental Studies degree from York University (MES) in Urban Planning and Sustainability, completed a graduate diploma in ‘Business and Environment‘ from Schulich Business School and received a national award for research on Human Impacts on the Environment. He received an Information Systems Management designation in 2002 from Ryerson University and qualified for project manager credentials from the Project Management Institute in 2011. Chris published his first work ‘Beyond Corporate Responsibility: The New Organizational Consciousness’ in 2012-2013 and the Leadership Edition in late 2017.

Chris is also a graduate of the Leadership, Adult Education in the Masters of Education Program at the University of Toronto (M.Ed.).

Chris speaks widely on the topics of corporate well-being, communication and development, connectivity to social and environmental issues and devotes his spare time to volunteerism and the arts.

“I work DIRECTLY with people. I want to see them succeed using the best of their talents by raising their own abilities for themselves and to do so sustainably. My assessments and strategies are always based on developing leadership capacity and reaching the core of a person, using both good management practice and practical behavioral science research in a consciousness raising experience.

I employ my experience in analysis, organizational and communications skills, community building skills, leadership skills to assist in redesigning organizational processes to increase learning, productivity and accountability. Where there is an opportunity, I assist the organization toward a socially responsible mandate, creating an organization devoted to improving the workplace and community.”