Counseling is of great benefit for those seeking to advance their thinking about a domain within their lives, such as work, study, or relationships. Counseling and coaching engagement is a combination of active listening, advocacy, and co-development of the improvement desired with the intent of producing a positive impact leading to the desired outcome. New thinking and perspective are not uncommon and should produce a behavioral change and the development of new habits.

Learners and clients may be challenged on existing beliefs, pushed to excel in certain problem areas, and asked to examine potentially challenging areas that are typically avoided. However, this is a gentle progression requiring nurture, understanding, and support. The results ultimately rest with the client.

Although one may find counseling or coaching and understandings from assignments helpful, it is made available with the understanding that neither this website, the author, and coach or the publisher are engaged with specific medical, psychological, emotional or spiritual advice. Any counseling advice, coaching or materials submitted or referred to are not intended to be a prescription, diagnosis or cure for the individual. Each individual should seek professional consultation if psychological or medical assistance if required.