Haliburton Wilderness Leadership Retreats

Leadership Development

Chris is a leadership developer going deep into conscious perspectives and worldviews by leading camping experiences for 1-3 nights depending on the program or desired length of the retreat. Food and supplies are provided.

Situated on 25 acres of pristine wilderness, this Haliburton setting is untamed nature perfect for retreating from urban distraction to run an outdoor experiential leadership session. Special programs, camping, outdoors education, counseling, coaching and professionals who require such a setting are just some of the uses for this space.


Outdoor Education & Leadership

Chris offers leadership and consciousness development to clients ranging from artists in need of inspiration to professionals and executives in need of innovation and retreat. Outcomes include a renewed sense of self and one’s place in the world, health-based world view, connection with living systems, and clarity of thought.

This is an outdoors experience requiring proper clothing, supplies and travel to Haliburton and a small hike (300m) to enter to the centre of the property.

Outdoor adult camping and leadership retreats in Haliburton

Chris at a weekend retreat and coaching at the site.

Chris has a Masters in Environmental Studies and a Masters in Adult Education and is certified in wilderness first aid and water rescue and has led outdoor excursions for various groups and individuals for over 20 years.

Bugs, heat, cold, wet and yes nature, are all part of the experience. Building resilience is part of the coaching. There are moose, coyotes and other critters around – you will hear them and if lucky, to see them also.

You are responsible for all camp activities and assistance for the well-being of the camp. Some of the gear you will need for yourself, other items are provided. Contact Chris for consulting.

There will be exceptions for extreme weather or extenuating circumstances. Contact Chris for which weekend or season might be right for you.