Welcome to my page! I will post a few samples of what I have been involved in and what I love to do.

I am a passionate Adult Educator, Writer and Media Producer. In all three expressions I develop ways to communicate to elevate consciousness, raise the level of potential understanding and engage people to see themselves as part of a wider community and team effort. I believe we must address not just our economic needs, but our social and environmental considerations as well. In my own writing, you will find a lot of references to sustainability, culture and social responsibility – all requiring an intentional transformative education – this is where I thrive -> analyse and define the problem, structure the solution, write the content and evaluate the outcomes. Facilitation and teaching are in my blood.

Have a browse and contact me if you are interested in constructing something amazing for your organization. I can assist you with developing your communications, designing your learning outcomes, or structuring a workshop.

Of course, my love for writing extends into non-fictional subjects. I have written and published Beyond Corporate Responsibility – The New Organizational Consciousness (available on Amazon), to assist managers and leaders to develop a socially responsible team and organization. Another topic of mine that I enjoy researching and writing on is psychology. My ‘Experience’ series focus’ on the human-nature relationship and is also available on Amazon.

I also do something unique and enterprising that companies love – TED talk takeaways. Basically, I talk a TED talk and make it into a working session for a group of employees. I craft a presentation, take the main points and turn it into an adult education session to benefit workers, employees, leaders or groups interested in doing extra-curricular activities. It sort of takes the work out of it and allows for more discovery and fun in the process.

Aside from much of the media and writing aspect, I really enjoy being out of doors and photographing nature. I may post some pics in the future so stay tuned!

If you are into a bit of levity, enjoy improvisation and drama, here is a talk show I helped produce for beer lovers of Ontario Craft Brewers with my co-host Larry Webb.

There are multiple episodes. Myself and Larry intend on continuing Beer and Banter – The Chris and Larry Show until we run out of beer. If you enjoy the show or love what craft brewers are doing in Ontario or just want to support local brewers, please consider ‘liking’ us and adding us to your subscription list.

I’ve done quite a bit of web design, graphic and some print design. Job Aids are a part of instructional design that allow for quick reference. They must be concise, clear and easy to grasp quickly. This sample was designed for Loblaw’s food inspection for one of their logistics gateways.

Loblaw – Job Aid – Christopher Caldwell

Example of a Job Aid

Media, writing and communications are all part of a repertoire for education.

I’ve written for columns, articles, blogs and postings. I’ve also produced audio and video for corporate and personal projects.

Going back in time, here are some samples from a column I wrote for regional newspapers with a focus on community and urbanism:

Public Spaces and Places

Maple Living – Climate Change

Woodbridge Living – Farmers Feed Cities

Being true to my love for nature and education, I played a role in helping the York Region Food Network develop this video.

The points and comments are more true today! Start a natural or food growing garden 🙂

I appear around 1:03 and thereafter. Thank you to all the people who I remember contributed to making this video.