If you are getting ready for an outdoor and wilderness retreat. There are a few things you need to know.

Within Haliburton, Ontario, is a private, unique, pristine and wild 25 acres, undeveloped and available for programs and retreats.


Chris utilizes nature exposure and techniques for counseling and personal development and offers personal and executive sessions as camping activities. Programs and individual nature counseling may be customized.

Sessions may include:

  • Being in nature to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Extended quiet periods
  • Induce a new frame of mind for problem solving
  • Private counseling one-on-one
  • Connecting to nature, health and the self
  • Strenuous activities such as hiking, climbing, foraging and building
  • Arts based programs
  • Men’s and women’s groups
  • Sustainability education

Campsites and the location may be rented for group or individual needs.

The location is 2km down a gravel road from the highway. The closest town is within 10km so it is not so remote as to invite planning for isolation or emergency services. Small vehicles may have an issue getting close to the land in which case a longer hike is required (up to 500 meters). Recommend a 4×4 to reach the space to park near the property.

Items to consider for a session or retreat:

  • Backpack/sleeping bag/sleeping pads
  • Tent or bivy – you may alternatively sleep under a tarp or lean-to
  • Water, container and/or filter
  • First aid kit
  • Fire starter
  • Tarp
  • Knife
  • Rope/String
  • Water tight bags
  • Rain gear
  • Proper boots and footwear, glove, hat, walking stick
  • Change of clothes/quick dry materials/wool only in cold and wet
  • Notepad/pencil/pen

Some people have never gone camping. In this case Chris can consult with you about obtaining gear, how to pack or prepare.


  • No garbage
  • No complaining
  • No expectations