Written Articles – Media Columnist


I located some articles from a time I wrote as a columnist for a regional newspaper. This was a great experience and I received a lot of positive feedback from the communities that accessed my writing. Global Warming & Climate Change - Woodbridge Living - May and June 06 Farmers Feed Cities - Woodbridge Living [...]

Digital Media


Demonstrated creativity and savvy with media including web sites, photography, audio recording and mixing, graphic design and direction. I developed a number of content driven web sites, online newsletters and social media accounts for clients including in community work for such organizations as 'Set Sail for Hope'. I also maintain my own collection and library [...]



“Beyond Corporate Responsibility: The New Organizational Consciousness" challenges managers to go beyond adopting individual practices such as philanthropy to address social and environmental issues.  Corporate social responsibility (CSR) requires managers to think beyond the boundaries of their organization. As the world becomes more interconnected and social and environmental challenges increase, society and governments will demand [...]