Times are a’ changin’.

Learning, sustainability, and leadership are the highest desired qualities for an organization.

I have developed a learning approach that incorporates innovation, mindfulness and inclusivity. I design and direct with these in mind and aim for outcomes that not only inform the team and individuals as to the physical skills and knowledge requirements but develop them as individuals in a much deeper sense of connectivity and personal leadership.

Presence Learning System

Incorporating adult learning principles, theories and traditional exercise, the Presence Learning System brings a non-traditional approach to get back to basics. Learning is influenced by many factors and the outcomes can be many. Education is only good when applied and this requires something special – an entrepreneurial spirit to use what is learned – leadership to move forward with initiative – a desire to excel and grow as a person.

My methods include traditional classroom techniques and familiar methods and also go beyond to one-on-one coaching and into nature retreats. Bringing presence and self-awareness is consistently the number 1 attribute in all leadership programs and for good reason. Leadership is needed to move organizations to new modes of operating, learning and contributing to the organization and communities.

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