Modifiable Open Learning Using Technology – Coming Together Online

Mike Caulfield makes sense. Professor and courseware designer comments...If we all have the same competencies and needs around learning, such as curiosity, social belonging, personal advancement, then we can all be part of creating the best possible learning outcome that meets those same needs. Let's build our own education together. In fact, having a sense of [...]

Ready for Mobile Online Learning. Can Six Billion Cell Phones be Wrong?

In 2007, the iPhone appeared and changed everything. The Android phones quickly followed and thus was born - the 'smart' phone. In 2017, it is projected that almost 3 billion people will have a smart phone. With smart phones having full OS, they have access to everything from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media is [...]

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Workplace Change, Re-skilling and Re-education: Why We Chase the Carrot in Technology

Why is it that with so much wealth being generated, so much technological advances that people must work harder for less result in their economic and social lives? The promise of technology was/is to reduce the burden in our own lives and free us from the constraints of time and space. Good and plentiful food, [...]

The Knowledge Economy: Trends and Impacts

The knowledge economy is quickly becoming 'the' market in tandem with the growth of technology and urbanization. The transition is occurring as we shift value systems from pure resources to the information to be innovative and resourceful. "Newly released, our study, Canada’s Urban Competitive Agenda: Completing The Transition From Resources To A Knowledge Economy, shows [...]

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Technology, design and benefits of use – are we making progress?

Technology as a definition has been around since we studied mammals use of tools in the environment - something becomes a technology if it affords a use. Typically, good design indicates the use of technology such as a button or a type of interface. Sometimes affordances are undiscovered and innovative thinking can yield additional use [...]

Do We Determine Technology or Does Technology Determine Us? A Dystopic view of Utopia

Technological determinism is a theory about how tech influences our lives. Basically, does tech determine how we live or do we shape tech? This has implications for workplace learning and training. Theory informs practice and practice ratifies theory, thus, we must set out intentions correctly when employing technology and ask if it is ultimately for [...]

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Technology and Work – Re-imagining Work Shifts in the Digital Revolution – RSA Animate A different culture of collaboration in technology is happening today that is completely inverted to typical organizational culture in that sharing in technology is open with some information kept private, while in organizations, most information is private until it is decided to become open. Our working lives have become outdated and productivity is [...]

Technology and Education – Where to get free and inexpensive resources

Online resources and education are getting to zero. With so much available on how to fix, shop, make, break, examine, test, compare or network with people, using resources wisely and efficiently becomes an advantage. Technology, learning, and education have become indispensable to organizations who need to remain competitive and innovative. Taking time for an educational [...]

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Week1: Obtaining Trust in the New Media Society – Challenges and opportunities in the workplace

Welcome to week one of the Technology@Work Series! With the onset of so much information and now the calling out of 'fake news', trust is becoming very important in usage and sharing of information in the digital age. More and more personal information is shared across the internet and in different locations through all types [...]

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